Live Entertainment at Juneteenth Celebration

//Live Entertainment at Juneteenth Celebration
Live Entertainment at Juneteenth Celebration 2022-05-25T08:54:05-06:00

Original Lakeside

Formerly known as the Ohio Lakeside Express, their travel has taken them around the world, opening for legends like Redd Foxx, Eddie Kendricks, and many others. Recording moguls Motown, ABC, and Solars have felt the Lakeside vibe producing many of the “Fantastic Voyage” mega hits that took the music industry by storm. The sound of funk hits such as “All The Way Live,” “Raid,” and “Outrageous” are known to draw people to the dance floor like a magnet to metal.

Keeshea Pratt

The Houston based, International Award Winning Keeshea Pratt Band possesses the skill and artistry reminiscent of Blues old school Motown; a rarity among bands of any genre today. The 9 piece musical collective, lends its energy and passion to traditional blues, contemporary blues and offers a preview to the future of blues. The musical artistry and dexterity of The Keeshea Pratt Band allows it to journey unapologetically across the genres of classical, jazz, Southern rock, soul, gospel, country and back again.

Golden Triangle All Star Band

The Golden Triangle All-Star Band is a performing arts nonprofit comprising of local musicians rallying community support for fine arts and academia.

featuring local DJ Upgrayedd